PlayStation 3 firmware 2.60 adds Photo Gallery, DivX 3.11 support

Hey look! Another PlayStation 3 firmware update! Looks like we’re up to version 2.60, which Sony just announced is on its way to consoles this week. 

Available on January 21 (tomorrow!), 2.60 adds support for the new Photo Gallery application, which gives users a fancier way of organizing and viewing photos stored on the PS3. Additionally, the new update includes support for DivX 3.11, so you can sleep well knowing those movies and television shows your pirating will play nice with your PS3. 

Last but not least, guest browsing for the PlayStation Store is now enabled. That means you won’t need to sign in or create an account to browse the demos, videos, game content and more. But considering it’s free to sign up, you might as well just go ahead and do that.

The official PlayStation Blog has a nice little video of Sony’s Eric Lempel giving a demo of the new firmware update, with a focus on the new Photo Gallery. I’ve embedded it above, so you don’t have to go anywhere, Dr. Lazy Pants.

Nick Chester