Playing your 360 retro-style: the Xbox joystick mod

Oh man. All I can say is, this comes at a perfect time after Topher’s recent feature about the D-Pad for the 360 controller (and its infinite fail.) What better solution is there than to play arcade classics the way they were meant to be played — with a fully functional joystick? Creative modder Shaolin Drunkard thinks so, and even goes as far as to make the package prettier with LED lighting and a handmade oak chassis. It’s the kind of object you just want sitting on the coffeetable all the time, whether you’re actively gaming or not.

Sadly, the mod is not for sale, but if you want to ogle some more work from the artist (including a Bubble Bobble arcade stick mod), hit up his Flickr and leave some loving commentary. I hope he eventually takes on a Pac-Man theme for a project, as I can imagine a wicked reimagining of it through his unique style.

[Via Geeky-Gadgets – Thanks, Ryan!]

Colette Bennett