PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch bringing first-person and many enhancements is now live


First-person is finally here. However it’s not completely first-person just yet, as sitting in the plane and the ensuing skydive are still in third-person for the time being. A future update will make those first-person as well.

Also added are car horns, item usage animations, an FOV slider, colorblind mode, new face and hair presets, full Xbox One and 360 controller support, various sound enhancements, and a UI update which includes showing your equipped weapons and armor on-screen. In crates you can find a new weapon, the Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle which can use any sniper rifle attachment.

The patch notes are long and involve a lot of improvements, so I suggest reading them in full at the link below.

Early Access Month 4 Update [PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Steam]

Cory Arnold
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