Players are being locked out of the Yakuza 6 demo in light of the ‘full game’ slip-up

Players who accessed the full game won’t be punished

Earlier this week, fans were shocked to learn that the Yakuza 6: The Song of Life demo wasn’t just a prologue — it was unintentionally the full game, complete with Trophy unlocks and everything. Before long, Sega got wind of the issue and pulled the demo from PlayStation Network. It still hasn’t returned.

Now, folks who downloaded the Yakuza 6 demo are finding the app locked and unplayable, which is an expected move on Sega’s part. Addressing the situation today, a representative took to reddit to explain that while the company hasn’t determined a release date for the patched-up prologue, Sega is “working with Sony to make sure that there are no account penalties if you downloaded the demo.”

It seems like a common-sense move, but it’s reassuring to hear that promise all the same.

Yakuza 6 : Demo update [reddit]

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