Player discovers hidden area in Breath of the Wild DLC

Secrets of the wild

This past Friday, the first piece of downloadable content for Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released. Aside from being able to terrify the denizens of Hyrule by dressing like Tingle, this expansion also includes the Master Trials. 

This challenge mode consisting of sixty levels and allows the player to upgrade the overall power of the Master Sword. Reddit user Sharksytheshotty was playing through this mode when they accidentally clipped through the environment and discovered an unused area.

The area in question was pretty low-res, as you can see by the images provided by Sharksyshotty. Players looking to replicate the circumstances of this discovery have only a bit to go on based off what Shotty could remember.

Was on trial three on the Medium trials and flew up near the chest on the floating platform and just went through a wall. Couldn’t get back in.. so I didn’t make it.”

Luckily for us, they managed to snap a few more screenshots before making it back to the main game.

This area could be a number of things. A testing area used by developers, or maybe just a scrapped area that developers neglected to delete. 

[Image source: Sharksytheshotty]

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