Playdead’s two masterpieces are getting a unified physical release

Limbo and Inside together for $30

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Playdead is, in baseball terms, batting a thousand. The Danish developer has stepped up to the plate twice, and both times it has knocked the ball out of the park. The sample size is small, sure, but it’s impossible to deny the impact this indie studio has had on the games industry over the past decade or so.

Now, both of those masterpieces are getting bundled into a physical edition. On September 12, a two-pack consisting of Limbo and Inside will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s being published by 505 Games, and this is just its newest effort to have a more significant presence. 505 has been making some moves lately.

While it’s obvious that these games are lauded enough to get this sort of release, the price point is somewhat suspect. The bundle is priced at $30, which is typically the floor for a physical product. And it’s technically the cost of both titles on the PlayStation and Xbox storefronts ($10 for Limbo, $20 for Inside). But, most people have already had the opportunity to pick up Limbo for cheap or free over the years. It’s one of those games that’s everywhere. That alone will make some folks averse to the $30 cost.

Still, this is a nice commemoration of Playdead’s efforts to date. For anyone who has gone this long without playing either of these, there’s value here. Just know that there are usually better offers out there if you’re willing to go the digital route rather than the physical one. 

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