Playdead is bringing Inside to iOS on Friday

That poor lad

Playdead’s captivating platform-adventure title Inside is on its way to iOS this Friday, December 15. The mobile version is open for pre-order, but the pricing isn’t fully known; it’s listed as “free.”

For me, the first time through, it was an unforgettable experience. Inside had me after a few short seconds and didn’t let go until I reached its astounding final moments that same night. Then I went through it all again. Finally, I got my sister to play because I just had to see how she’d take to it. (She, uh… she didn’t care for the underwater segments with the super creepy you-know-what.)

Inside is too fresh on my mind for me to want to experience it again, but for those of you who haven’t seen its horrors, gosh, I highly encourage getting on that. It should work fine on a phone or tablet.

My other advice? If you’ve managed to escape major spoilers this whole time, try to go in blind.

Inside [App Store via Wario64]

Jordan Devore
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