Play Wolfenstein 3D, get 1,000 gold in upcoming Wolfenstein

Did you buy the PSN/XBLA port of Wolfenstein 3D when it hit during E3? If not, you might want to pick it up before id Software’s new Wolfenstein game comes out on August 4th — there’s some neat cross-game functionality that they’ve put in. I played a bit of Wolfenstein yesterday (aside: it’s a lot of fun), and during the session, id Software’s Community Manager, Peter Sokal, explained what you’ll get in Wolfenstein for your progress in Wolfenstein 3D:

If you beat the first level [of Wolfenstein 3D] and save your game, you get 1,000 gold tied to your account for [Wolfenstein], so […] day one, you’ll be able to start buying upgrades for your weapons and stuff.

Just to provide some perspective, 1,000 gold is quite a lot of treasure to start off your game with. For example, the first upgrade for your Veil Shield costs $1,000. Sokal noted that the Veil power upgrades are more expensive than the regular weapon upgrades, though, so you’ll be able to go to town on the weapons that you pick up early on in the game. Wolfenstein 3D is available for $4.99 on PSN (400 Microsoft Points on XBLA), so if you were going to get it anyway, the treasure in Wolfenstein is a pretty nifty bonus, no?

Keep your eyes peeled for my hands-on report on Wolfenstein, the upcoming shooter developed by Raven Software that will be out in a month and a half for PS3, 360, and PC.

Samit Sarkar