Play PlayStation 2 ports on the Wii with a PS2 controller

Dongle action!

I can’t really quantify why I want this Japanese PS2-to-Wii controller dongle converter from Gametech, but I do. I mean, I could have just bought the PlayStation 2 version of said games rather than buying the Wii version. But I didn’t. I wanted to improve the balance of black game cases to white ones, I guess. 

If you’re not digging the Wii Classic controller [why?] or the GameCube one and/or you’d rather play with your PS2 ones, this nifty adapter lets you plug up and go. And seeing how it plugs into a Wii Remote, it makes them kind of wireless. Oh, and notice the turbo button. That’s a nice touch.

This device is on sale in Japan for what is about $18 US. 

[via Kotaku]

Dale North