Play Midnight Club, win some crap: Official World Championship Series begins

Your time is precious, and your time is money. So playing a game is simply not enough; we need incentives. Rockstar Games is delivering, launching the Midnight Club: Los Angeles Official World Championship Series this week. 

Hosted on the Rockstar Social Club Web site, the tournament will take place monthly, giving gamers the chance to win Rockstar Games gift certificates, and other rewards. Other rewards include a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, and a year’s worth of free pizza from Pizza Hut. God damn, I’m hungry …

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players are elligible to enter, so regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, you’re good to go. Sign ups for the first tournament — the Rockstar Games Starter Cup — have already begun, and will run through February 6. The prize? A $500 Rockstar Warehouse shopping spree. Now you can get that $70 Gramercy Riffs Hoody you’ve been dreaming out. Or six of them, with enough money left over to buy Grand Theft Auto IV and Bully: Scholorship Edition.

Nick Chester