Play Madden 10 with a guitar controller! Wait, no… WTF?

Destructoid reader Will sent over this picture he snapped in his Owensboro, KY, Best Buy — it’s a box for Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL 10 that proudly displays this erroneous sticker: “Play with a guitar controller or expand to a band.”

This little “WTF?” moment is obviously an error; as far as we know, you can’t play Madden NFL 10 with a guitar controller. While some developers have worked the guitar into their games in interesting ways (Tecmo’s Xbox LIVE Arcade/PlayStation Network platformer Fret Nice, for instance), we’d guess the folks at EA Tiburon probably haven’t given this much thought.
Nerjyzed managed to work a drumming mini-game (compatible with the Rock Band drums) into their title Black College Football Xperience. If, in some alternate reality, Madden NFL 10 did support Rock Band and Guitar Hero guitars, just what on Earth do you think it would do? How would it work?
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