Play games, mix a drink, drink the drink

One of the greatest things in the world is drinking while gaming, but one of the worst things in the world is when you finish your drink and you have to stop gaming in order to make another. Sure beer solves this issue by being a delicious drink that you don’t have to mix, and so do shots, but the former can get boring and the latter can knock you unconcious before you get done playing. What to do!? Nonpolynominal Labs has the answer.

The one man lab has come up with Adult Mario and Bartris. When you play either of these games you mix a drink while your playing. In Adult Mario you get rum every time you kill an enemy and Coke every time you collect a coin. In Bartris you get Coke for brown pieces, rum for gray pieces and water for blue pieces. Complete a few levels while sipping on a drink and by the time your done with that one you should have a new one ready to go. The quality will probably suck, but you can only blame yourself and your lack of gaming skills for that.

If you’re interested in seeing this sucker in action you can either head to Vienna and check it out or wait until the machine comes to San Francisco. My guess is that the drinks are equally poorly mixed in either location. Bartris is below the jump.

Matthew Razak