Play Call of Duty 4 multiplayer on XBL, win some killer swag

Planning on purchasing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Xbox 360 when it hits retail on November 6? If you answered yes to that question, are a U.S. resident, and have a subscription to Xbox Live, you could win some autographed CoD4 swag and other Xbox-related goodies in the “Live Fire Weekend.”

The 72-hour Play & Win Sweepstakes will start on Friday, Nov. 16 and continue through the 18th. If, like me, you have aspirations of dominating gamer girls in armed combat a first-person shooter that isn’t Halo or maybe even beating a few devs at their own game, then this is one occasion you won’t want to miss out on:

Friday, Nov. 16 – 6pm – 9pm EST – Play with over a dozen gamers from developer, Infinity Ward.

Saturday, Nov. 17 – The PMS Clan joins the online action for Saturday night gaming.

To register for the Call of Duty 4 Live Fire Weekend, you’ll need to head on over to this page. There will surely be a large influx of gamers playing CoD4 when this contest starts up, so hopefully the ratio of thunderc*nts to normal folks that have gone through puberty won’t change too dramatically.

Jordan Devore
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