Play-Asia announces Year of the Rat sale, free consoles to be won

Play-Asia and my bank account should be connected by a direct wire — or perhaps an IV tube would be a more accurate choice. I can’t begin to tabulate how much of my money they’ve spirited away, but thanks to their upcoming Year of the Rat sale, my spending may cross from epic to infinity before I know it.

Not only are they having a sale on 5,000 of their products, but each time you buy a discounted item, you will be entered into the Lucky Draw, which is a chance to win any of the prizes Play-Asia is offering (hit the jump for the full listing.) This is an ideal time to buy stuff if you are in need of any of the major current consoles, as they are giving away one of each.

Start here with the limited list or browse the site and look for the rat symbol next to items, which means they count as a contest entry if you purchase them. Each item you buy counts as one entry, so order to your heart’s content. Should any of my creditors be reading this (and I don’t doubt it, as those people will do anything,) you may as well start calling me now, because I have no intention of paying any of you this month.

[Thanks Justin] 


Colette Bennett