Play as the Man in Black … in Guitar Hero 5

Yes, this is my fourth Guitar Hero 5-related post of the day. You know you love it.

This morning, Activision released a new trailer for Guitar Hero 5 featuring the one and only Johnny Cash. He’s a playable character in the game, just like Carlos Santana and Garbage’s Shirley Manson; this will actually be Cash’s videogame debut. Obviously, Neversoft didn’t do motion capture with the late country singer, but regardless, his in-game model looks spectacular. The lip-synching in particular is impressive.

In the video (after the jump), Cash is singing “Ring of Fire,” which is one of the 85 songs on the GH 5 disc. In addition to Cash himself, gamers will be able to unlock a special venue, the Electric Honky Tonk Bar. You can also view the screenshot above in its full, high-definition glory in the gallery. Guitar Hero 5 will be out on September 1st for PS3, 360, Wii, and PS2; for more on the game, head here.

Samit Sarkar