Play 6-player Tetris over at Tetris Friends Online

When I sat down to discuss Tetris with Alexey Pajitnov and Henk Rogers, the creator and CEOs of The Tetris Company this past E3, one of the more interesting topics was Tetris‘ status as a sport. Both of these men are working hard to create a dynamic and exciting form of the game that is more exciting for all involved.

Now, we are still a little ways off from watching Tetris on PayPerView. However, the gameplay and multiplayer components of Tetris is constantly being edited and tweaked. For example, both Pajitnov and Rogers mentioned a 6-player Tetris mode developed for the Korean market.

Well, it looks like even a few weeks ago these guys were limiting themselves, as the 6-player Tetris mode has just been released for free play over at Tetris Friends Online for everybody, not just Koreans. This official online hub of all things Tetris offers ten different modes of play, with 6-player Tetris, Tetris 1989 (Game Boy, baby!), and Tetris Acorn Drop (an Ice Age rebranding of Tetris Marathon) coming out today. 

Having checked the site out, I can tell that having access to a free 6-player Tetris mode is going to be dangerous to a lot of people’s work time. There is a lot of modes of play here, and even the cute unlockable Tetriminos (tied to an account to boot!) shows that the latest form of Tetris is aiming to be really damn good.

Ben Perlee