PlatinumGames’ Inaba on appealing to the Western audience

PlatinumGames is busy at work for Sega, creating Madworld and Bayonetta, two new games that seem to have universal appeal. Studio head Atsushi Inaba says that some of the challenge in creating these new titles is getting over a weakness in Japanese game development: creativity. He feels that some Western influence can help his new studio.

“In Japan, just as a culture, we are very detail-oriented, and customer service-oriented, so it is natural that we develop games that are very detailed, and very precise,” says Inaba. “But I believe that Japan may not have ever been the most creative group.”

“Japan had always been good at taking advantage of what was available within the technology of the consoles that were available then, and worked best within the restrictions… So, going forward, I believe that Japan needs to be more creative, and go beyond what is given.”

Inaba even invites Western help on his newest project, Bayonetta: “The current Bayonetta team has many, many great developers, but even then, Bayonetta is a very difficult game to develop, and if there are very capable developers and programmers in the West it would be great if they could come on board.”

Do you think Japanese developers could use a little Western influence? Or are they doing fine by themselves? 

[Via Gamasutra]

Dale North