Platinum: Only a woman could design Bayonetta

You’d think that Bayonetta, the ludicrously sexy videogame from Platinum Games, would have been designed entirely by males, entirely for males. However, while chatting with Platinum’s Yusuke Hashimoto, I found out that not only was the game’s titular character designed by a woman, but that the studio believes only a woman’s touch could have made Bayonetta who she is. 

“It had been already decided to make an action game which has a female main character,” explains the game’s producer. “The concept of Bayonetta’s design was ‘a witch who came back to life in the present.’ We were particular about giving her costume a modern arrangement whilst retaining some elements of the traditional view of a witch.

“The designer who created Bayonetta is a female herself, so the costumes and accessories show the touch and detail that could only come from a woman’s sensibility.”

A very interesting argument indeed. Do you think that only a woman could have made Bayonetta look the way she looks? They do often say that women know what men want better than they do themselves, so I suppose there is a certain merit to the idea.

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