Platinum might be teasing a set of Bayonetta Switch ports

I mean, I’d take ’em

A seemingly innocuous tweet has turned into a frenzy of speculation. So it’s a day, on the internet.

What happened? Well Platinum put up this image on Twitter, which showcases the designs of Bayonetta in both the original and the sequel — and then folks started to speculate that the red and blue hues used where to symbolize the neon blue and red JoyCon from the Switch. Given that Platinum has been port hungry lately and we know the Switch is up to the task hardware-wise, it’s entirely possible.

The plot thickens as we look at this analysis from famed leaker Liam Robertson, who noticed that Platinum is liking tweets that specifically deal with folks who are asking if it’s a Switch tease. It’s not definitive by any means so treat this as a rumor, but again, it’s something that would make a whole lot of sense.

When Platinum did that deal with Nintendo for Bayonetta 2, future ports could have easily been on the table — ending it at just a one-off sequel on an under-performing console probably wasn’t juicy enough for either party.

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