Plants vs. Zombies will hit other platforms

Back in May, superhuman (and PopCap Games PR dude) Garth Chouteau told Destructoid that PopCap is “always contemplating where — and how — to adapt” their games to different platforms be it mobile or console. He was responding to our question about the possibility of bringing Plants vs. Zombies to Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network or even WiiWare.

His entire answer to what I asked was non-committal — he neither confirmed or denied PvZ would hit other platforms — unlike his answer to the same question making the rounds today. In a recent interview with Kombo, Chouteau suggested that the PvZ could hit other platforms, they just want to make sure the title is done right.

Peggle for XBLA is a good example of a game that we took that was popular on the PC and we spent probably twice as long as anyone else would have figuring how to make that game really good for Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade, and I think you will see that with Plants Vs. Zombies — I don’t know the exact order in which that game will make its way onto other platforms, but it’s certainly been successful enough, quickly enough, that we’re looking at other platforms and deciding where we’ll take that game next…

Speaking with us again today, Chouteau confirmed that PvZ would be hitting something else, but PopCap isn’t specifying any platforms: “we’re not officially specifying which platforms PvZ will be coming to or the order in which it will be adapted for various platforms … “

He also said PopCap is working on Wii titles and he’s not exactly sure if PvZ is a right fit for that system: “We ARE working on Wii titles, but there a ways from completion and I honestly have no idea where/whether PvZ stands on that roadmap …”

If PvZ hits anything other than our computers, we’ll never get a shred of work done again. Ever.


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