Plants vs. Zombies swag is cute, Halloween-ready

Dear FTC,

How are you this afternoon? I’m feeling stupendous and, as usual, ready to mislead our readers with bogus editorial because of the cool stuff a publisher has sent me. Speaking of which, I (and Nick Chester) received some more videogame swag this afternoon! PopCap Games sent me a box full of Plants vs. Zombies-related stuff and a small reminder that the downloadable game is coming to iPhone and Xbox LIVE Arcade soon.

I received two masks, which I can use to kill the elderly with (they have weak hearts and scare easy, you know), a retail copy of Plants vs. Zombies, a “No Zombies” sticker, a Large game-themed t-shirt, a press release signed by my man Garth Chouteau, a business card, and a PvZ-inspired comic book. Pretty hip score, I’d say.

I plan on sharing this with the readers of our Web site. In fact, I’ll include a gallery with scans of the comic book, a picture of my cats, and a picture of each object. PvZ is still hot, and new releases are on the horizon, so it should be a hit. I hope.


The Warrior of the Arctic/influential blogger/muscle man — Brad Nicholson

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