Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a mobile collectible card game

Clever use of the characters

PopCap is taking a break from tower defense for a crack at collectible card gaming with its next Plants vs. Zombies title for iOS and Android, PvZ Heroes. The project “began over two years ago as a paper card game prototype” designed in creative director Devin Low’s spare time.

The studio is testing the single- and multiplayer game in a few territories — Brazil, Romania, and New Zealand for now — ahead of a worldwide release which is supposed to happen “soon.”

Free-to-play? Yup. “Players will be able to purchase new heroes and characters via in-app purchases, but everything in the game can also be earned and collected without spending a penny. We won’t have any cool-downs or other barriers to play as much or as long as you want.”

There’s just a few seconds of gameplay in this trailer, but you can find more character-specific footage in the several accompanying clips. I’m with the guy who says Super Brainz is the best.

As a fan of Plants vs. Zombies in general, I’ll probably try this out of curiosity.

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