Plants vs. Zombies coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade

Rejoice! Plants vs. Zombies is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade.

On July 22nd at Casual Connect, PopCap Games CEO David Roberts revealed that the charming tower defense title would indeed be making its way to XBLA. But the information stops there: Roberts didn’t address release date, pricing, or talk about any bonus content LIVE Arcade users may or may not receive.

In March, PopCap Games ported the cocaine-laced puzzler Peggle to Microsoft’s downloadable service. In addition to beefing up the title with multiplayer, PopCap introduced a controller-friendly control scheme that worked pretty damn well. It allowed for both accuracy and speed. We’re guessing PopCap will be able to work the same magic with PvZ.

Oh and sorry, Battlefield 1943. Our nights together are numbered.

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