Planet Zoo is getting penguins, otters, and a new ‘animal talks’ activity on December 8

Teach your zoo-goers some animal facts so they’ll feel guilty about the state of things and donate money

Whether you’re here for the penguins (please read that in Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice) or you’re just sticking to the ongoing free content updates, December 8 will be a busy day for Planet Zoo players.

The next slice of DLC for Planet Zoo is the Aquatic Pack, and in terms of new species, it’s adding the king penguin, giant otter, diamondback terrapin, Cuvier’s dwarf caiman, and grey seal (please sing that like Elton John). For $10, you’re also getting 170-ish scenery customization pieces (these numbers always sound inflated) and a challenge scenario set in Oregon that revolves around a “drained riverbed.”

On the free-content front, Planet Zoo is getting update 1.4 on December 8. Apart from access to the new Water Temperature Regulator and Underwater Feeder (to coincide with the DLC theme), the update will add a summary screen for transport rides, informational “animal talks” that you can organize with newly-hired Educator staff members, and a multi-select option for animal storage in Franchise mode.

The submersible feeding station will only be compatible with the saltwater crocodile at first, but Frontier Developments says it “will be adding [support for] more animals in the future.”

Beyond those free-for-everyone quality-of-life features, there’s also a free challenge scenario tucked into update 1.4 – it’s set in the Philippines, and you’ll design your zoo around “disused rice terraces.”

The Aquatic Pack might not go far enough for marine-loving players who have been plotting out the aquarium of their dreams, but I’m here for baby otters and penguins any day of the week.

Jordan Devore
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