Pixels bombs at the box office, surprising no one

Will probably turn a profit though

The movie we all can’t stop shitting on, Pixels, debuted at the number-two spot at the box office last weekend with $23 million in North America losing to Ant-Man‘s $24.7 million haul.

Pixels reportedly cost $88 million to make, meaning it is about $65 million short of breaking even. That being said, the film additionally brought in $25 million internationally, where Sandler’s films tend to make the most money these days. 

Pixels made the most internationally in Mexico, earning $3.7 million, which is strangely where I saw it being streaming from on smartphone streaming service Periscope this weekend. 

We can all go back to not talking or thinking about Adam Sandler again. Rest easy knowing that former Destructoid video clown Bill Zoeker’s favorite movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 grossed $103 million worldwide on a budget of $30 million. Yay…

Box Office: ‘Pixels’ Continues Adam Sandler’s Losing Streak in the U.S. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Jed Whitaker