PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is great (and now on Steam!)

Discounts available for PixelJunk owners

Mmm, fluid dynamics. Double Eleven has brought PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate to Steam at long last.

This package repurposes Q-Games’ darling twin-stick shooters into a cohesive, singular experience with an optional new visual style and improvements to scoring and treasure tracking. At $8.99, it’s a good buy. These games are great! But Ultimate is even cheaper with loyalty coupons.

Folks who own PixelJunk Shooter on Steam will get a 20% off coupon (and that save data is compatible with Ultimate). There are also 5% off coupons associated with the other PixelJunk titles on Steam. So, if you own Monsters, Eden, and Nom Nom Galaxy, you’re looking at an additional 15% off. These discounts stack, but they only last until November 3.

It just hit me that I never finished Ultimate on PS4. We’ll have to do that after Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Jordan Devore
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