PixelJunk musician’s game evokes EarthBound

Baiyon announces Muse

Over the weekend at Japanese independent games festival BitSummit, PixelJunk Eden composer Baiyon announced a new project, Muse: Together is the New Alone, his directorial debut.

The title, which draws inspiration from ’90s adventure games, is being co-developed by Baiyon and Pygmy Studio, the team that brought Nigoro’s La-Mulana to PlayStation Vita.

Muse’s story follows a young boy on a quest to rescue a girl from her never-ending slumber. After finding notes and paintings that belong to his unrequited love, the protagonist sets out on an adventure through watercolored, dreamlike world to awaken her.

Muse: Together is the New Alone is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita. Its release window is TBD.

Muse: Together is the New Alone [Baiyon via NeoGAF, 4Gamer]

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