PixelJunk Eden demo coming next month so you can figure out WTF is going on

By all accounts, Q-Games’ PlayStation Network title PixelJunk Eden is a videogame. Apparently some sort of puzzle title, it appears to involve physics and … plants. OK, I’ll level with you: I have no idea what the eff this game is about, but I would like to know. Sooner, rather than later, thanks.

It looks like we’ll all have the chance next month when Q-Games will release a demo for PixelJunk Eden on PSN prior to the game’s release. Additionally, Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert tells The Sixth Axis that Eden will support the PS3’s new YouTube upload service and program. Whether or not users will be able to make racy videos like the Spore “XXX” video remains to be seen. 

I did an interview with Cuthbert a few months ago about Q-Games’ stellar little title, PixelJunk Monsters. I’m a fan. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what curious little gameplay elements this new PixelJunk title brings to the table.

[Via GamerBytes]

Nick Chester