Pixelbrushes Two: nerds who knit

A nerd with too much free time and a pair of knitting needles is a powerful thing, as evidenced by the gallery. In addition to the top ten geek stitchers on this list, there seems to be a fast emerging subculture of Katamari knitters busting out everything from hats to earmuffs. Apparently Katamari makes knitters feel at one with the cosmos, but what’s the deal with the immortalization of Pitfall as seen above? The word among the stitch and b*tch community is that knitting is a soothing pasttime. I don’t doubt it, and this stuff is cool, but I’m not quite ready to give up my gaming habit to immortalize King Hippo in yarn and glory. Is knitted geekdom a little too granola for your tastes?

[Thanks to Justin Johnson!] 

Colette Bennett