Pixelbrushes One: Space Invaders

Sometimes people send me links about game art and say, “Hey Colette, you should post this since you’re so into this stuff.” For some reason, it never occured to me that a weekly column could be in order. This morning, a friend sent me an incredible link to the subject of today’s column, and it clicked into place so exactly I felt like I was in Tetris. Welcome to Pixelbrushes: a series dedicated to the amazing art of video games and the people who create it.

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This episode is dedicated to Space Invaders, a one man multimedia project focused on marking different areas of the world with art. The world map will show you examples of the project in action – both where its been and what areas are currently “in progress”. This would be insane amazing all on its own, but in addition Invader creates what he calls “indoor art” using mosaic bits and Rubik’s cubes. Some of these are incredible — especially the faces comprised of cube patterns. Check out the gallery for more.

 Rubik's faces

How does Invader plan a city’s invasion? Check out the Invasion Maps, a blow by blow guide of how the infiltration took place in each respective city. The website only shows a fraction of completed work, but more is available via Flicker. The Invader has hit 35 cities so far and shows no sign of slowing down (he claims not a week goes by without an “invasion”). 


 All in all, a hell of an undertaking. I love the idea of the project – the artist seems really driven, and it’s the kind of installation that takes dedication and creative thinking. It does seem to me more recently that there is a lot of retro game art out there, and I wonder if there can ever be too much of a good thing. What would you rather see — a modern take on game art, or a retro one? Does it really matter, as long as the gaming culture is being paid homage to?


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