Pixel Junk Monsters, along with fluttering eyelids, coming to PSN next week

Q-Games’ President Dylan Cuthbert has revealed that the studios second PlayStation Network title, PixelJunk Monsters, will be available for download next week. The game is the second title in the Kyoto-based studios “PixelJunk” series (the first of which was PixelJunk Racers), and according to Cuthbert, will have you “coming back again and again until your eyelids start fluttering uncontrollably.”

The premised behind PixelJunk Monsters is simple — you’re tasked with protecting a village from hordes of monsters by strategically placing various towers on a playing field. Sounds a bit like the curiously addictive Desktop Tower Defense, if you ask me, and you won’t hear me complaining about that. That game alone has sapped countless hours of productivity from my life, and having polished, high-def version of the game sounds great.

To get you started, Cuthbert is already offering some tips on how to defend yourself from those pesky little home-wrecking PixelJunk beasts. Ready yourselves, and prepare your eyelids.

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