Pixel Force: DJ Hero is dead

Long live Pixel Force: DJ Hero! That neat demake of DJ Hero by Eric Ruth has been removed officially, although it’s surely floating around the vast and mysterious web somewhere. Yep, you guessed it: another cease and desist order. This one can be credited to Universal Music Publishing Group.

Piki Geek has a transcript of the back-and-forth email chain between Ruth and Jerrold Grannis, who represents UMPG. I can’t fit it all here, so be sure to follow the last link to read the emails. The last line by Grannis is worth pointing out, though: “US law is US law. If you think ‘it blows’, write your Congressman.”

If only. It’s always unfortunate when companies aren’t willing to put up with non-commercial fan games, but it’s not as if the risk is a surprise. Still, it is sad to see. At least some people are willing to set a good example.

8-Bit DJ Hero Gets a C&D [Piki Geek via GamePolitics]

Jordan Devore
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