Pixel art management deckbuilder Don Duality gets prologue demo April 21

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An offer you should maybe consider

Promising-looking deckbuilder, Don Duality, will give you a taste of its panache on April 21 through the Don Duality: Initiation demo.

Coming from developer Königsborgs and publisher Ravenage Games, Don Duality has the makings of a game that speaks my language. This language, of course, consists of restaurant management and crime. The game is a deckbuilder where you take the role of a mafia family’s new don, and you work to re-establish your family’s power.

Gameplay involves hiring thugs, sending them out to do crime, and then laundering the goods through your restaurant establishment. Don Duality looks like a simple little game, but I loved the crime/restaurant angle present in the Pizza Connection games.

I know I lost a few of you when I said deckbuilder. Personally, I’ve found myself enjoying the genre the more I explore it. Mahokenshi was perhaps the first time I really felt engaged with the mechanics, but there are many more that I’ve experienced since then that I’ve connected with. I feel that it allows for an easily understood abstraction of random mechanics. However, I can understand that it can be a bit vexing to anyone who hates being shown exactly how bad their luck is, as well as anyone who hates mechanics that involve things outside their direct control.

Nonetheless, you’ll get your chance to see if Don Duality is for your tastes before dropping money on it. Don Duality: Initiation will release on PC on April 21, 2023. The release for the full game is a little less clear and will likely depend on feedback.

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