Pixar’s Wall-E gets a GameCube incarnation

I must admit I love me some console mods, although I still would like to see less simplistic function and more of the fabulous. Why aren’t I wearing a GameCube Carmen Miranda-style on my head yet? Someone should really get on that. I want one built into Howl’s Moving Castle as well, while you’re taking requests.

Wall-E was whipped up by Bit-Tech.net forumgoer thechoozen, who gives us the details of its creation:

First we build a movable platform out of a child’s toy and a rest of Plexiglas. Then we build a cover for the front ports and attach it to the platform so that it can hide all ports when they are not needed. In use you just pull down the cover and plug in the joypad….

The Gamecube itself is covered with a thin layer of acrylic which we airbrushed like the original wall-e. The Arms were made out of some plastic and plexiglas tubes and rods. The arms and the hands are both moveable so that wall-e can take up various positions. The Eyes were made out of several acrylic layers which we put together and bended a stripe of plastic around it. The mounting plate for the eyes is bended out of some metal which we attached to the backside of the cube.

Pretty freakin cool, not to mention 100 percent fully functional. You’ve got to love these creative types (better known as people that are lingering on the verge of madness from boredom.)

[Via TechEblog — Thanks, That Girl!]

Colette Bennett