Pirates vs. Ninjas Splatfest proves popularity doesn’t matter

Block the Vote

[Art by 3D ROD]

Yesterday’s Splatfest was the first time I didn’t actively participate in the nationwide competition. Between my day job, family responsibilities, and Halloween activities, I simply didn’t have time to jump on and fight on behalf of Team Ninja. My guess was I wasn’t really needed anyway, as pirates aren’t much of a media presence at this point, while ninjas remain perpetually appealing. 

Looks like I was wrong there, as Team Pirate ended up taking the win with a final tally of 382-318, despite the fact Team Ninja won the popular vote by 28%-72%. That’s in part because Splatoon’s most recent update changed the rules of Splatfest, so games won now count for six times as many points as individual votes. As a result, Team Pirate was able to take the final prize, despite only winning more games by a count of 59%-41%. 

With this new system in place, even a team that lost the popular vote by 1-99 could still grab the larger game by a meager 40-60 win differential. While increasing the value of wins will likely do a lot to motivate players to actively play in each Splatfest, I think they may have gone a little overboard here. 

Splatoon – Pirates Vs. Ninjas Splatfest Results [GoNintendo]

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