Pirates of the Burning Sea gets a website facelift, also kittens involved

Today, Flying Lab Software has unveiled a brand new website for their MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea. The new space will be a conduit of community activity, as well as a beacon for news and developments in regards to the MMO. In other words, it’s like Facebook without drunken pictures of you, friends, or other various embarrassments for prospective employers to find out about.

I had the opportunity to ask Flying Lab Software to compare their new website to something that I think is relevant to all of our interests – kittens. Michelle Williams, Producer for Pirates of the Burning Sea, was willing to comment on the site’s relation to the feline persuasion.

Our new site is as sweet as a basket of kittens and just as delightful.

You heard it here first, folks. While I appreciate kittens, I’m also digging the new features on the Pirates official site. If you’re an avid player or just want to check out what the game has to offer, feel free to give them a visit.

Brad BradNicholson