Pinball FX 2 releasing in October as a free download

Before you freak out too much over the “free” part of the headline, let me clarify: Pinball FX 2 will hit Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 13 as a platform. I mean that in the same way Game Room is a platform.

If you own Pinball FX, you can import all of your old tables (including any add-on content you own) into Pinball FX 2 for graphical updates and new Achievements. What’s more, there will be four Pinball FX 2 tables to try out and possibly buy. So, the “game” itself is a freebie, but you have to pay for the tables.

Seems like the way to go, if you ask me. Make the barrier to entry as low as possible, and then (hopefully) price the additional content low enough to get people coming back for more on a regular basis. Smart idea, really.

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