Pillars of Eternity II’s Beast of Winter add-on confirmed to launch in the dead of summer

Beat the heat on August 2

Obsidian’s first crack at substantial add-on content for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is coming early next month. The Beast of Winter DLC has been set for August 2.

Here’s how Obsidian describes The Beast of Winter: “Upon receiving a missive from an isle of worshipers to the god of entropy and disaster, Beast of Winter takes the Watcher and his crew to the southernmost reaches of the Deadfire Archipelago. The Watcher is thought to be the harbinger of the end of all things and worshipers of the god of cold and decay, Rymrgand, have called upon the Watcher to fulfill their destiny.”

August 2 isn’t solely reserved for this add-on, though. That’s also when update 2.0 launches which is accompanied by the free Deck of Many Things DLC. This introduces challenge modes to Pillars II. There should be plenty of new content when the beginning of August rolls around.

This is only the start. Obsidian has already said this is the first of three planned major expansions for Pillars II. Each one is priced at $10, or they can be pre-purchased all together as part of a $25 season pass.

Brett Makedonski
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