Pillage with or slaughter your friends: Overlord to include multiplayer, DLC

The upcoming Pikmin-on-angeldust PC/Xbox 360 game, Overlord, already had me foaming at the mouth when I first saw a screenshot involving a bloody unicorn. With its “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” attitude towards overlording, it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to shift my legs in such a way that I can publicly hide my enthusiasm.

Multiplayer modes have now been confirmed for the Triumph Studios title, including deathmatch, as well as cooperative modes. “Slaughter mode” will be your typical deathmatch, with each player commanding an army of minions (up to 50 per overlord) to pick one another apart in delightfully heinous ways (within the confines of a T rating, of course).

In addition, there will be a one-on-one “Plunder mode,” where you’ll attempt to out-loot and out-pillage your opponent, “he who dies with the most toys wins” style. This game is starting to sound a lot like 80s iron-on t-shirts …

Triumph Studios is also promising downloadable content that includes multiplayer maps and a new chapter that will include a new area, new monsters, and new weapons. Letting God sort them out and dying with the most toys has never sounded like so much fun.

[Source: NeoGAF]

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