Pikachu is taking over Gigantamax raids in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Until May 18

As we slowly creep toward the dual expansions for Pokemon Sword and Shield, we’ve entered a sort of a lull period for the game.

While raids have been steadily happening for months, we’re all kind of waiting on the new content: having either fully-filled our Pokedexes or transferred everything we need to transfer from Pokemon Home. If you’re still keen on firing your game up though, there’s something new to experience this week.

The Pokemon Company has announced on Twitter that they will be holding a special Pikachu Max Raid Battle event, which will run through May 18 (9AM JST on May 19 actually, which is 8PM ET on May 18). You can net Gigantamax Pikachu during this craziness, complete with Hidden Ability in tow.

The event is described as the first of “three consecutive weeks” of events, so expect it to change to something else when the above time hits! Serebii.net says that Gigantamax Eevee will be next (May 19 through May 25), with Gigantamax Meowth following on May 26 through June 1).

As a reminder, the first expansion “The Isle of Armor” is due out “by the end of June.” We haven’t heard about a delay yet, and there is no Nintendo Direct scheduled for June, so stay tuned.

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