Pick up Northgard for Steam with a 20% discount and refund guaranteed

A nice offer on an Early Access title

Released just three days ago as an Early Access title on Steam, Northgard shot straight up to the #2 top-selling slot on the store, facing very positive reviews from gamers, particular those who were fans of Settlers titles. (Here’s a look at the game from last year.)

Interested gamers are in luck as Northgard is running a release-week discount of 10% off at Steam, but what’s more enticing is that third-party digital retailer DLGamer has a stronger 20% off discount and it is still offering a Steam-like refund guaranteed, as long as you have not played the game for more than two hours.

Northgard Deals

  • Northgard (Steam) — $15.99  (list price $20) at DLGamer
  • Early access, 20% off with two-hour refund option
  • Northgard (Steam) — $16.29  (list price $20) at GMG
  • Early access, 19% off – no refund

In the past, gamers looking for deals on PC games and buying from non-Steam-authorized retailers have had to eat up the potential risk of dealing with Early Access titles – short of a Batman: Arkham Knight fiasco, your hands are fairly tied when it comes to a shoddy experience. It’s nice to see DLGamer stepping up, extending the publisher offer on potential refunds. As a comparison, GMG is also offering its typical discount but no refund capability is being mentioned. Here’s hoping more third-party retailers will adopt this policy for Early Access games.

As for Northgard itself, the developers have stated a timeline of two to six months for Early Access status. For the full game, they are focusing on three main areas to solidify:

  • New playable clans with unique gameplay specifics
  • Fully story driven campaign
  • Multiplayer mode

So far what we’re gathering from user reviews is that the game is on the short side of things, and depth is a bit shallow. If you’re an hour in and you don’t see anything you like, it seems like a good idea to partake in the refund option and revisit Northgard again in a few months.

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