Piano Squall shows Dtoid some love; continues being awesome in general

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If you listened to last week’s RetroforceGO! then you know we’re huge game music nerds. To help celebrate our geekery, video game pianist Piano Squall offered up an autographed CD and poster as a special prize for our weekly contest, which was won by Dtoid’s own Lord Satorious. Congratulations!

The time has now come for us to part with this lovely poster, so I thought I’d show it off one last time before I ship it out so you can see how cool it is, and to thank Piano Squall for his generosity. If you’re as into game music as we are, you may want to visit his web site and check out some of his work. So what will be the next kickass thing we give away on the show? I can’t tell you because Dyson will get angry and then he might not feed us. I can, however, tell you that we’ve got some really cool stuff planned for the near future, so check us out on iTunes or our podcast page to keep up, and thanks for listening!

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