Photograph a worm and then think for it to win Lux Pain

Lux Pain launched for the Nintendo DS today, and we’ve teamed up with Rocket XL again to get a little giveaway sorted out for you. A copy of the horror adventure game and a DS case is up for grabs, and all you need to win is some worms. 

Since Lux Pain is a game about evil worms that possess people, the contest itself is worm-related. What we want you to do is photograph a worm and then, using the power of computers, write a caption that explains what the worm might be thinking about, if worms were capable of sentient thought. I came up with this idea all by myself.

If you live in a country without worms, or don’t have the necessary thumbs to take photographs, don’t worry. We will accept worm pictures pilfered from Google, but original and inventive photography will best please mine eye. Whoever provides the best picture and worm thought wins. Easy!

Entries have until April 24 to get to me, and you can post them as comments to this very post. As always, we’ll be able to intercept the prize via HQ and ship worldwide, so the contest is open to anybody. Have fun!

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