Phil Harrison TGS interview: ‘not that many people finish games’

I’ll say it: I like Phil Harrison. As the President of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, he seems to really know what’s going on. Phil seems to be moving the brand in a good direction, and he has done a pretty good job of being the face for Sony’s games division. That being said, when it comes to interviews, he seems to only answer the questions he likes, and the rest are dodged so gracefully that you’d have to see it in “bullet time” to really get what happened.

To be fair, Phil did a pretty good job in this Tokyo Game Show Gametrailers interview. He responded to questions about the balance of PlayStation Network titles to Blu-ray disc games, talked about why Lair didn’t support analog stick control, and gave Sony’s take on the rise of casual gaming. 

When asked about the overall reception of Heavenly Sword, Phil had some great points about how some members of the media were quick to discredit the game due to its short length. We were totally with him until he said, “not that many people finish games.” Aw, Phil, you were doing so well!

He also said that Home is “out”, when it really isn’t (closed betas don’t count, Phil), and then began a dodge attempt that you can actually see with the naked eye — no “bullet time” needed.

[thanks, Justin] 

Dale North