Phil Harrison becomes the president of Infogrames… for some reason

Yeah, that Phil Harrison. The former Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss has moved over to Atari. Yeah, that Atari.

It sounds like the goal is to relaunch Atari into “a leading online game company.” They need Phil to oversee software development at Infogrames (worst name ever) in both online and regular games, giving him duties very similar to the ones he had at Sony. He will work directly under CEO David Gardner, another recent defector from a large company, Electronic Arts.

“This is the perfect time to join Infogrames and help shape the future of Atari — one of the industry’s legendary brands,” says Harrison. “As the game business moves rapidly online I believe we have an outstanding opportunity to create amazing network game and community experiences for players the world over.”

What is Atari working on? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? They recently lost a lot of money, sold off popular franchies, and laid off workers. And now they hire two industry big wigs? For what?  It must be something big, as Harrison has been with Sony since 1992.

This could get interesting. What do you think? Is Atari on their way back?

[Via Gamasutra

Dale North