Pharrell Williams rocks some Mario-themed bling

Hip-Hop star, producer, entrepreneur and self-professed nerd Pharrell Williams shows off his latest bling acquisition. Normally we wouldn’t care. We really don’t this time either, but I’ll admit that if I had the cash, I’d probably wear the Super Mario-themed bling he’s showing off in these pictures.

I don’t know of the jewel or precious metal content of these Star and Mushroom pendants he’s wearing, but I’m sure they’re high. The dude is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so having customs made are probably nothing to him. I’m guessing they’re Mario Kart inspired bling, judging from his Billionaire Boys Club blog post.

Pharrell, what I’m saying is that I acknowledge the nerd cred that these represent.

Pharrell s’offre des pendentifs Super Mario Kart Bling-Bling [Nowhereelse]

Dale North