Pharaoh Rebirth+ looks like a hopping good time

Imagine Indiana Jones as a bunny

I had never heard of Pharaoh Rebirth until today, but an updated version of this indie metroidvania set in Egypt will be releasing on Steam later this week.

Pharaoh Rebirth+ comes from Japanese developer Krobon Station, known for its Mogura series of games such as Action Mogura. I’ll admit that I’m not at all familiar with Krobon Station’s work yet, but after watching the trailer below, I’m tempted to go back and check out some of the developer’s older titles.

In this action adventure, players take the role of Dr. Jonathan Banfield, a famous treasure hunter who also happens to be a rabbit. After falling victim to an ancient curse, he must collect seven holy grails from all over Egypt in order to cleanse himself.

It’s a silly concept, but it looks wonderful in action. The trailer gives me some serious Cave Story and La-Mulana vibes. And check out those boss fights! Plus, for a game set entirely in Egypt, there still seems to be a nice variety of locations on display. I’ve always thought we could use more Egyptian-themed games anyway.

Pharaoh Rebirth+ is set for a Steam release on March 17, 2016 for $9.99.

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