Phantom rises from the vapor for digital distribution

Remember the Phantom console? It was supposed a PC-ish game system that would use broadband internet to beam games directly to the console, doing away with discs and retail distribution. It was announced back in 2003, but nothing ever came of it.

After teasing for many years, Phantom has kind of re-invented itself. Now, in partnership with GameStreamer, Phantom Entertainment has launched an online PC game store. Gamers can either buy a game outright, or try before you buy. Once purchased, you can re-download your title at any time.

Want to try the service for yourself? I recommend trying out John Deere: Drive Green. There’s a demo that gives you one hour of free gameplay on the service. Check out this game write-up from the site:

Drive any of the great John Deere vehicles or equipment you own. Buy additional equipment with Deere Dollars you earn from helping local farmers. Choose from over 15 John Deere vehicles and implements including the 9860 STS Combine, 8530 Tractor and 4930 Sprayer. 

Woo! What a comeback!

If you remember the console, you might also remember their unique Phantom Lapboard, a keyboard and mouse combo designed for living room gaming use. GamesIndusty tells us that they’re in talks with another company to actually make the product. 

We’ve heard that before.

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