Phantom Halls adds licensed Evil Dead 2 content in free update


Phantom Halls may be in Early Access, but it already oozes coolness. It’s a procedurally generated game based on horror B-movies with appealing papercraft graphics. Developer Incendium Games is run by Llexi Leon, who’s also Digital Creative Director to Iron Maiden. And you can play as the King of Cool himself, Ash Williams.

Today, Incendium is releasing an update full of licensed content related to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 — the first time Evil Dead has hit video games in over five years.

Choose Ash as your playable character and run through quests based on the movie. Return to the iconic cabin, cut down deadites with your trusty chainsaw, and deal with an angry Necronomicon. Battle Gooseneck Henrietta and Evil Ash. Do it all with style and witty one-liners. 

I’ve played a few hours of Phantom Halls and enjoyed it, but it does feel like an early build. I’m hoping a multiplayer mode will eventually be rolled out because the gameplay would lend itself really well to online co-op. You control up to three characters at a time, each with their own unique abilities, and you can equip them with different weapons or items. The atmosphere and dialogue are top-notch, and I’ll definitely be diving back into it with this update.

Phantom Halls is available on Steam at 50% off until September 26, making it only $4.49, so go get some.

Alyssa Hatmaker