Phantom Brave Wii trailer… looks like the PS2 version

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Nippon Ichi’s tactical PlayStation 2 role-playing game classic makes its way to Wii, and this Japanese trailer from Gamekyo gives us a first look.

This looks like…the PS2 game. This time around the game has new characters and story elements, and keen (and geeky) eyes will recongnize the addition of Plenair to the lineup. Although aged a bit, it’s a damned fine videogame, and I wouldn’t be suprised to see it come out here.

For now, it’s a Japanese release, slated to hit stores there on March 12th. There’s no US date, but I would think since the Wii install base is so huge, and knowing that the localization is already done, this would be a prime title to bring over.

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